Other Prefectures:

Hollow Point

Tucked away in a basement in Roppongi (easily the sleaziest neighborhood I went to in Tokyo, as it's the one that caters to foreigners) lies Hollow Point, a bar with a twist. Sure, you can get drinks and bar food here, but down at the end of the narrow space is a shooting gallery. You can rent any number of realistic-looking air guns (ranging from pistols with laser sights, like the one I'm using, to big semi-automatic and automatic rifles), buy a clip or three, and go to town on either the bottles set up or a zombie-headed target. Who knew that drinking and shooting guns would be such a fun combo?

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Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Oedo-Onsen-Monogatari, located in the popular Daiba area, opened in 2003 as Tokyo’s first and only onsen (hot springs) theme park. Inside the building, constructed in traditional Japanese style, there are baths fed by natural hot springs pumped from 1,400 meters underground, open-air baths perfect for enjoying fine weather or starry night skies, a foot bath set in a large Japanese-style garden, and plenty of other bathing facilities.

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ROPE is a specialty store that sells things that are a bit different to your run of the mill average adult shop. At ROPE you can find school girls uniforms, school girls socks and shirts and other things that used to belong to school girls. But, the most popular items sold are used senior school girls panties. These are wrapped in plastic with a colourful photo of the girl they belonged to attached to the front. Yours for only 4000 yen (about $US40). You can even buy them in bulk! Packs of 10 available for a discounted price!

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Alcatraz ER

One of the first theme restaurants to open in Tokyo, Alcatraz ER is, as its name suggests, styled after a prison hospital. A prison hospital from hell, that is. The menu includes human intestines (OK, it’s an unfeasibly long sausage in a kidney dish), a penis on a bed of lettuce (another sausage, suggestively carved) and various impossibly spicy delectables. One thing to keep in mind -- you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the wicked nurses, who have a habit of pulling down unruly customers’ trousers to administer an injection from a gigantic syringe. You have been warned.

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Meguro Parasite Museum

Why would you want to visit a parasite museum, let alone this one? Well, first of all, this is the only parasite museum in the world. So, if you’re going to visit one, it’s going to be this one. Second, you’re never going to be able to see things like this in person unless you’re the proud host of said parasites. Come here to enjoy giant tape worms, parasitic turtle heads, educational maps, and more! We spent maybe an hour or so here, but it was very educational and interesting. So, if you’re into science, or if you’re just into weird things, head on over to the Meguro Parasite Museum. Give them a donation, though, they need your yens to do all that parasite-related research upstairs!

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Mr Kanso

A chain of bars currently opening up in Tokyo has been getting a lot of attention for its unusual menu, which includes items such as sea lion curry and steamed Korean silkworm chrysalis. Not for the faint of stomach, Mr. Kanso, is a no-frills drinking establishment that offers an impressively diverse menu of 350 items all of which come out of a can.

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Design Festa

Founded in 1998, there is something for everyone and more between the Design Festa Gallery's two buildings, 21 showrooms, restaurant, cafe, bar and constant rotation of special-theme, group, school and independent exhibitions that feature professional and amateur, elementary school aged, retired, traditional and genre redefining artists alike.Welcoming over 80,000 visitors annually, the Design Festa Gallery is unpredictable, unregulated, uncensored and hosts both domestic and foreign artists, serving as Japan's single most diverse mecca of artistic expression.

A little further is Design Festa Gallery (not to be confused with Design Festa, an international design show which takes place every May at Tokyo Big Sight). This fascinating building, showing free exhibitions of young artists, even has a cafe where you can stop for a drink.
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