Takao Trick Art Museum

The Takao Trick Art Museum is a big maze of optical illusions, 3-D artwork and clever angles for photo taking to create the impression of fun, dangerous and impossible feats. Stand on the "X" on the floor with a pained look on your face, have your friend holding the camera stand in the designated spot over there, and suddenly it looks like a real whale is leaping out of the picture frame and onto your back. Stand on the glass floor that looks as if it covers a bottomless pit and try to figure out how the mirrors create that effect from a drop of only a few centimeters. The Trick Art Museum is as much about puzzling over the illusions as it is creating funny photos to share on Facebook.

Balance on the edge of an Egyptian palace, enter a den of crocodiles and become lunch for a giant gorilla all at the Trick Art Museum. The optical illusion exhibits found here are a delight for kids and adults alike. It is located at the base of Mt. Takao, directly across the street from the Takao-san-guchi train station. Bring your camera, taking photos is encouraged and in some cases the optical illusion is easier to see through the eye of the lens. This is a fun indoor adventure, good for a rainy day or in combination with a short hike on Mt. Takao.

“Fun and art!” Well, that doesn’t sound right. We all know that art is some kind of substitute religion that we are meant to take devilishly seriously. Visiting museums in Japan is often akin to popping into a church during a funeral—shuffle past the pictures, look reverential, and whatever you do don’t talk or laugh. At TTAM, cameras are allowed and you can ham it up posing for pictures; laughing is expected; and don’t worry about touching stuff: this place is hands-on.

Address : 1786 Takaomachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 191-0042
Phone Number : (+81) 042-667-1081
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Sunday: 10:00-18:00
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